Dumpster Sizes

Heritage Disposal offers three dumpster sizes for you to choose from. Not sure which one would be the best fit for your project? Just call us and we can help you determine the right size.

SIZE                           DIMENSIONS  (approximate Height/Width/Length)

15 Yard Dumpster       3 ½ ft. X 8 ft. X 15 ft.

20 Yard Dumpster       4 ½ ft. X 8 ft. X 16 ft.

30 Yard Dumpster       6 ft. X 8 ft. X 16 ft.

Whether you need a dumpster for roofing materials, home projects, remodeling or construction materials there is a size to fit your project. Heritage Disposal services the Naperville area along with Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Heritage Disposal Recycles

Heritage Disposal supports recycling whenever possible.

Contact Us

Go to the "Contact Us" Tab for a free quote or call us to discuss your dumpster and waste removal needs. Ph. 630.885.0747 / Fx. 630.757.4147 [email protected]